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North Africa IGF &African Digital Rights Network (ADRN)
Lawyer & MAG Vice Chair -NAIGF

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Mohamed Farahat is an Egyptian based legal practitioner, trainer, political, and legal researcher. Farahat works as programs director at Egyptian Foundation for refugees Rights (EFRR) , he was project Coordinator of EFRR’s legal aid project with United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees –UNHCR- Cairo office, and Legal Researcher officer - international, collaborative research Project of The law of asylum in the Middle East and Asia with University of York-Centre for Applied Human Rights-UK . Before EFRR, Farahat was Access to Justice team leader at African and Middle East for Refugees Assistance (AMERA-Egypt ) and was Legal researcher at International Commission for  Jurists (ICJ), As consultant he worked with HUMENA for human rights and civic engagement in collaboration with Global Freedom of Expression-Columbia University as a legal analyst, Legal Consultant with International Organization for Migration (IOM-Egypt)on projects related to ethical recruitment for migrants and Linkages between Trafficking, Smuggling, Labor and Migration Policy Regimes: Implications for Women’s, Justice for Children -Consultant United Nations  International Children's Emergency  Fund (UNICEF) ,Legal Expert with Center for Migration and Refugees Studies (CMRS-American University in Cairo (AUC) . research fellow and later as digital rights consultant with International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). Mr. Farahat was Researcher and Analyst, collaborative research project- and co-author in report on internet law surveillance in Africa -The Institute of Development Studies (IDS)- at the University of Sussex Digital Rights Landscape Reports, research leader with African Digital Rights Hub (ADRH) in project about data protection in Africa, and Co-author  with Paradigm Initiative about digital rights report in Africa.  He is legal consultant with CARE-International Egypt about Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV) cases and trainings and legal consultant with Catholic Relief services (CRS) about rights to work.
Mr. Farahat is a member of bord of directors - Innovation for Change Middle East and North Africa MENA Hub, Management Advisory Group (MAG) vice chairman and member at North Africa Internet Governance (NAIGF), member of African Digital Rights Network (ADRN), North Africa Representative at E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA), Steering committee member and North Africa Coordinator at Middle East and North Africa statelessness Network, and African ICT Foundation’s Focal Point Representative for Egypt. He was a member of the steering committee of Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC), As a legal and political researcher, Farahat has 20 published articles related to international refugee law, Statelessness, Politics, Democracy, Parliamentary studies, Digital rights, and internet governance. As Human rights expert, Mr. Farahat has a variety experience in human rights topics such as access to Justice, refugees’ rights, migrant and workers’ rights, statelessness and rights to nationality issues , administrative and migration detention issues, deportation issues, criminal justice for Children, legislative reforms, independence of judiciary, strategic litigation, civic space offline and online, freedom of expression, right to work, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), digital rights topics such as Internet surveillance, internet shutdown, access to internet and internet inclusion , fake news, data protection and rights to privacy.
Mr. Farahat was guest speaker, organizer, and attendee of about 30 conferences and workshops on national, regional and global level that covered topics related to digital rights refugees’ issues and statelessness. In addition he participated at 70 capacity building programs about human rights, refugees, statelessness, international law, Migration law, international humanitarian law, internet governance, digital rights, and peace build
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